Growing up in a small town in rural Alabama, Joe began singing at a very young age while attending church.  Joe has always enjoyed singing the baritone part in the youth choir even though he couldn't quite hit all the low notes!  He got his first guitar when he turned twelve for Christmas.  It wasn't much but it was his and he loved it.  A friend's dad came over to show Joe how to tune it and taught him his first 3 chords - G, C and D.  He would sit in his room and terrorize the family attempting to play this new guitar for hours on end.  Eventually he got the hang of it and started performing in church and anywhere he could.  Songwriting came to him around the age of 16.  He tried to write songs about anything and everything.  Joe even wrote a song for extra credit in his English class about Shakepears's play MacBeth!   As he moved to college, Joe continued to pursue his love for music.  He was very fortunate to play local school events, fraternity and sorority parties, bars and clubs as a solo act and a front man for several bands.  He even had a great job at the local music shop where he got hands on in production and became an expert in pro audio and video gear.  But, it was during his college years that he really became focused on music production.  Joe stayed in the studio for hours on end, writing, recording, experimenting, and creating all that he could.  After college he took a job in audio visual installation.  The job was great but required extensive travel.  Joe traveled with his acoustic as much as he could and would play open mic nights in random towns all across the United States.  With time, it became more difficult to take the instrument and music shortly fell away as he focused on his career.  However, now the traveling days are over and his love and passion for music and performance are once again rekindling in his soul.  As his passion for music returned, so did his desire to perform and share his passion for music with others.